Jamlegend – The Online Guitar Hero style game

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Jamlegend is a web based online Guitar Hero/Audition/O2Jam  style game which means that you can play this on most browsers including Firefox,IE,safari,opera,etc. No need to download!. It is absolutely free and has a multiplayer functionality where you can showdown with friends in real time. There is also another multiplayer feature in which you can give a duel to a friend and when he/she accepted it, he will try to beat your score over it. They have many tracks available and mostly are rock genres.

Click Here to Register.


Boyce Avenue is Coming to the Philippines. W00t!

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Here is the Schedule:

Boyce Avenue
Live and Acoustic in the Philippines

Feb 12 (Free show!)
SM Cebu at the Atrium, Northwing at 6pm.

Feb 13 (Free show!)

SM Mall of Asia at the Entertainment Mall, Seaside Boulevard at 7pm.

Feb 14 (Free show!)
Atrium of the The Block, SM City North Edsa at 5pm.

Feb 15 (Free show!)
Mega Atrium, SM Megamall at 7:30pm.

We can’t wait to perform for all of our wonderful fans in the Philippines!

I’m so sad because they can’t come to Davao City. huhuhu

My 1st Design in Photoshop

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Lately, I was practicing photoshop and was trying to make my 1st desgin. I wanted to make a background image on my friendster with a chinese new year theme and this is the result. What do you think guyz?

Mr. 9 Dragon Tiger

Mr. 9 Dragon Tiger

Weee, I’m back Again!

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Whew, after months of inactivity, I’m finally back to blog again. I noticed that even if this blog is inactive for sometime, it still have a large portion of visitors so I figured out that I don’t want to waste my blog just being stagnant here all year long. I love to blog but for some unfortunate circumstances, I just can’t write a post. Maybe my brain isn’t functioning properly or I i just lost my inspiration? hehe. Well, thanks to God and and to you my dear readers (gulp), I finally have the courage and strength to blog again. whew. what a redundant post.

Join WordCamp Philippines 2008!

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WordCamp Philippines 2008

WordCamp Philippines 2008

Are you a Filipino blogger, developer, or web page and graphics designer  who want to learn more about the benefits of using WordPress? Then don’t miss this opportunity to join the WordCamp 2008 here in the Philippines; the first and only in Southeast Asia!

One of the objectives of WordCamp Philippines is to encourage more developers to use and deploy WordPress, not only as a blogging engine but also as a full-featured content management system for Web sites. Another is to increase the number of WordPress users and developers in the country. By developers, we mean programmers of WordPress plugins and designers of themes & templates.

This event will be held on September 6, 2008 at the Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater, College of Saint Benilde in Manila. Another mini event will also be held on September 4, 2008 at Bryan’s Grill & Café 91 Narra St., Palm Village, Davao City.

I would like to thank the Mindanao Bloggers for supporting this event and it’s sponsors:

So what are you waiting for? Join the WordCamp Philippines 2008 and be a part of this extraordinary event!

My new ISP – Globelines

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I’ve switched to a new ISP lately because I was disappointed by my old Smart Bro ISP. It keeps disconnecting from the internet and has a very slow connection. I am a loyal subscriber of Smart Bro for a year and decided immediately to disconnect from the service because of the said latter.

I went to the Smart Wireless Center, paid my last bill and requested a permanent disconnection. After that, I went to Globe Center to apply for a 1mbps internet connection for 995 a month. The agent was fast and friendly. She said that they will survey my location if it is reachable within their service. The following day, they informed me that our house was ok for installation. So I paid my bill and the following day again, I began to enjoy their service. As advertised, my Globelines has a stable rate of 1mbps connection and can reach up to 2.5mbps on certain conditions. See image bellow. Now, I can download and browse Youtube simultaneously without having to wait for the buffer to load.

Stable Rate

Burst Rate

Additional Proof (Screenshot)

My Blog Resurrected

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Whoa! First of all, I would like to thank Mark (a wordpress administrator) for reviving my blog again. If it wasn’t for him, this blog would cease to exist. Ok. I made my mistake and it will not happen again. Hehe. Last two months or so, I wasn’t aware that posting paid links on wordpress blog (except for those who have their own domain) is prohibited. Damn I didn’t read their Terms of Service Policy. But it’s all fine now. I will be posting updates on this blog next week so be sure to view this blog periodically. Ironically, this blog has a PR 3 even if it is banned two months ago. Thanks to all my friends for their support and I really appreciate that they didn’t delete my blog on their blogroll even if this blog is temporarily banned. Till next time.