My First Blog.

Hello Guyz, this is my first blog. I am a newbie in this blogging society. Almost all of my classmates have this and I didn’t want to be left out. Their primary reason why they started a blog is for them to get payed by advertisers, second they want to publish whats happening in their life online. I don’t want to miss this opportunity so I started blogging. Majority of my classmates registered at Blogsome and I think it is too common and want to try something new. First, I surveyed out the best blogging site by searching the net. Second, I talked to my classmates which is the best site to start blogging and sure enough, majority recommends Blogsome because of it’s user friendly interface and ease of use. One friend told me that if I don’t like Blogsome then try Word Press. It boast a wide range of features and puts a new standard in blogging. One thing he likes about it is it’s customizable themes and widgets. I thank him for his recommendation and after the class I surfed the net and registered here. Sure enough, this site rocks and I’m proud I made the right decision.


2 Responses to “My First Blog.”

  1. aw keith oie! galing2 mo naman kala ko pang symbyanizerz lang beauty mo!

  2. Hi, welcome to blogosphere! I have account in wordpress, blogsome, blogspot, the spoke and (blogs) I prefer blogspot…Try it, i tell you. If you want to earn more be sure to have lots of blogs!

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