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Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Only)

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Hi Guys. We PC users are very familiar with Office 2007 but didn’t you know that there is Microsoft Office 2008 exclusive for MAC only?

For your information guys, Microsoft didn’t create products just like Productivity Suites (Office) to their own OS (Operating System), but also develops their own version of Office to their mortal rival, the Apple MAC. You read it right, Mac.

I first read about this software last January when I was surfing the net. And because I’m not a Mac user, I didn’t know that Microsoft also incorporates their office suite to Apple which confused me because Apple is a rival of Microsoft. Why would they want to build products against their competitor? Apple is also taking it to their advantage, tempting the PC users to switch to apple because their OS also supports Microsoft Office.

I searched the net for answers and here’s what I’ve found:


  • Microsoft gets the money. And is also fully responsible for the program. In was an excellent business decision. Because of Office:Mac microsoft now gets money from not only thier pc users but also from the people using Mac’s.And because Microsoft Word is almost an industy standard MS has a iron grip on the king of text editors.
  • It is a legal dodge, mainly.
    Microsoft owns a lot of Apple stock now, and by by having Office available for the Apple, they can claim that they are not leveraging the Windows OS to support their software empire.


Based from their testimonies, I remembered that Microsoft has also a huge part of Apple’s stock. That is the secret of Microsoft’s success with their Office 2008. Since 1989, they were releasing versions of office for Mac.


New Mac First, Mac Only Features:

Office 2008 for Mac has new features that aren’t included in Microsoft Office 2007 namely:

Publishing Layout View lets users create incredibly layout-rich documents such as newsletters, fliers and brochures by uncovering desktop publishing layout tools and providing text box entry.

Ledger Sheets enable anyone to use Excel to handle common financial management tasks. Home and small-business users can balance checkbooks, track accounts or manage investment portfolios more easily than ever.

My Day allows users to track priorities and stay on top of daily activities no matter what application they’re currently working in. My Day is a stand-alone application that doesn’t take up much screen space, offers at-a-glance schedule and task viewing without launching Entourage, and lets users color-code everything for visualizing daily priorities.


Office 2008 also runs natively on both PowerPC- and Intel-based machines. Its user interface and usability is better compared to its Windows counterpart. Office 2008 is also compatible with 2007, enabling users to cross platform with ease.

All in all, I’ve found that there’s nothing wrong with Microsoft creating products to Apple. That’s their marketing strategy. That’s where their expertise lies.


Know Your True Crush

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Do you have many crushes in ur life? Can’t decide who’s the one you truly love? try this site, they will help and advice you with your problem. Try it now.

Scarlett Johansson

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Hey Yo Guys! Just want to show you my very favorite hollywood actress. Guess who? *lol*


  • Hot
  • Sexy
  • Fabulous
  • Adorable
  • Wonderful Singer
  • Shes everything I can think of
  • She is Scarlett Johansson!

I really like the way she act in the movie entitled “The Nanny Diaries” which also stars Alicia Keys. She is also a very good singer in her coming debut album “Anywhere I Lay My Head” which will be released on May 20, 2008.

Heres an exclusive wallpaper calendar of Scarlett Johansson courtesy of cameltap. Enjoy!


Happy Valentines!

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Happy Valentines Day Guyz! I hope you’ll enjoy this day with your love ones, sweethearts, lovers, honey, special someone, langga – whatever you call it. Have fun, watch a movie, go to dinner, walk at the park, or play games at the mall. Don’t forget to compliment and maker her special.

If you don’t have the guts to do it then text, call, or send her an e-card. Tell her how much she meant to you combined with a lovable greeting card. Put it on her friendster, mySpace, facebook, or her e-mail. Good Luck and Best Wishes.

Billboard Top 10 Singles

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The Billboard Hot 10 Singles

(as of Feb. 10, 08)

#1) Low by Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain
#2) With You by Chris Brown
#3) Don’t Stop the Music by Rihanna
#4) Apologize by Timbaland Featuring OneRepublic
#5) No One by Alicia Keys
#6) Love Song by Sara Bareilles
#7) Clumsy by Fergie
#8) Sensual Seduction by Snoop Dogg
#9) New Soul by Yael Naim
#10) Take You There by Sean Kingston
Download by Plunder:
Tracks 1-5
Tracks 6-10
Tracks uploaded by me (Mr. 9)

Lamborghini Reventon

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Ever seen the state-of-the-art Lamborghini car? Meet the Lamborghini Reventon, “The 1 Million Euro Super Car”

This Super Car is Lamborghini’s finest ever made. It’s name was taken from a famous fighting bull that killed the famed matador, Felix Guzman in 1943.

The Reventon was inspired by an F22 Raptor Jet Fighter Aircraft. It looks as if it was designed with full stealth capability based from it’s body. It is finished in Carbon Fiber with a unique grey matte color.

It can go from 0 to 100km/h (62 mph) in just 3.4 seconds with a maximum speed of 340km/h (211 mph).

The only downside of it I think is it’s engine is based from Murcielago L640 with only 10Hp added.

With a worldwide price of insanely a million Euro (excluding taxes) and a production of only 20 units, the Reventón will become an instant collector’s item. Some say that all 20 cars are already sold when it’s prototype was first shown in the public.

Top 10 Women of 2008

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Here are the Top 10 (among the 99) Women of 2008 according to

#10 – Adriana Lama

Adriana Lima has become one of the most in-demand runway models in the world. When she’s not making men throughout the world drool, she’s helping Brazilian orphans in her native land or dabbling in acting. Not only is Adriana Lima considered one of Victoria’s Secret’s “Perfect 10” models, but she’s also a spokesperson for Armani Jeans. We’re not sure whether we’d rather see 2005’s No. 1 in lingerie or in jeans… tough call, isn’t it?


#9 – Marisa Miller

When a little-known model you worship becomes so popular that she graduates to the world of high fashion, it’s like a validation of your tastes. It’s proof that you weren’t just lusting after skin; you also have an eye for talent. That’s what happened with Marisa Miller, and we love her for it. You surely know Marisa from her work in Victoria’s Secret catalogs and many Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issues. Click through for even more of her stunning photos.


#8 – Rihanna Fenty

Sunny places tend to produce sunny people — which certainly was the case with Rihanna. Like her native Barbados, she’s warm, colorful and full of life, with just the right amount of spice. With a hypnotic voice and a bodacious bod, she released Good Girl Gone Bad in ’07, which included the smash hits “Umbrella,” “Shut Up and Drive” and “Don’t Stop the Music.”


# 7 – Jessica Biel

She may have started out playing the sweet and innocent girl-next-door on 7th Heaven, but in 2007, this bombshell showed us her funny side in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. Powder Blue and Hole in the Paper Sky are lined up for ’08, and a role in Easy Virtue is scheduled for 2009. Offscreen, Jessica Biel has been known to deliver quite the kick in a good soccer match. Are you picturing it too: Jessica in a jersey? Sex appeal, fame and an athletic flair… no wonder she’s No. 7.


# 6 – Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson mixes undeniable acting talent with wit and knockout looks to create a truly atypical appeal. In 2007, she starred in The Nanny Diaries and appeared in ad campaigns for Louis Vuitton. In 2008, look for her on the big screen in Mary Queen of Scots, The Other Boleyn Girl, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and He’s Just Not That Into You. Scarlett Johansson is one of the most uniquely talented and beautiful women in Hollywood and, given her rank, it’s clear you love her as much as we do.


#5 – Jessica Alba

Who doesn’t love a beautiful woman with a great sense of humor? Jessica Alba showed us her funny side in Good Luck Chuck, and her gorgeous side everywhere else she appeared. In 2007, she also reprised her role as Susan Storm in Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, and we look forward to seeing her in The Eye, The Love Guru, and 2009’s Sin City 2. Our No. 1 of 2006, Jessica Alba, still ranks high, and we can see why.


#4 – Eva Mendes

We have to bump cigars off the top of our list of “Favorite Cuban Exports” and replace them with the vivacious Eva Mendes. She appeared in four ’07 flicks, including We Own the Night and Ghost Rider, and she also posed nude for a PETA campaign. With style, grace and, best of all, tremendous sex appeal, Eva Mendes has become a respected actress, and her stock is on the rise. We’d go toe-to-toe with Castro himself in order to win the hand of this sexy Hollywood heartbreaker.


2nd Runner-up – Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale may be the darling of British theater and American art house films, but she has also saved Pearl Harbor, proved that vampires can be sexy in Underworld, wowed Howard Hughes in The Aviator, and scared audiences in Vacancy. She’s from England, so everything that comes out of her luscious mouth is sexy. And she’s more than just a pretty face: Kate is Oxford-educated. We know you love this British beauty… that’s why Kate Beckinsale is “2nd Runner-up”.


1st Runner-up – Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio is as sexy as her name sounds (if not sexier). One of the most beautiful jewels to hail from exotic Brazil, Alessandra has appeared in dozens of fashion campaigns, notably for GUESS, and she is an angelic fixture at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Alessandra Ambrosio is also a National Ambassador for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Is Alessandra Ambrosio heaven-sent? Our readers certainly think so, voting her to “1st Runner-up” on 2008’s Top 99 list.


And the overall champion is:


Champion – Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has had an outstanding year. Her role on Grey’s Anatomy garnered her an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She also starred in the box-office hit Knocked Up, was interviewed by journalist Barbara Walters as one of her “10 Most Fascinating People of 2007,” and married singer Josh Kelley. A former model, Katherine Heigl is beautiful, well-spoken, humorous, talented… the list goes on. No one belongs at the top of 2008’s Top 99 more than Katherine Heigl.


To see the full list of Top 99 Women of 2008, visit the official site: Top 99 Women