Know Your True Crush

Do you have many crushes in ur life? Can’t decide who’s the one you truly love? try this site, they will help and advice you with your problem. Try it now.


14 Responses to “Know Your True Crush”

  1. kabalu naman tawun ko ani oie. .

    sa friendster mani. . ..hahahaha

    Still due to respect. . .I tried it out. .

    Keith comment pud sakong WORDPRESS!. .

    ako lang sige comment sa imuha. . .:D

  2. sure abz, I’ll comment on your blog.

  3. Murag kabalo nako ani bah..Kani tong ibutang nimo name sa imong crush na ang info masend sa imong email noh? Sulti tinood bah kay dili nko motry ani..nailad nko sa una ..ulaw kaayo nahibaw-an nila kung kinsa akong crush..ehehhehehe

  4. keith, comment pud sa ako blog beh…i know bgo pa lang 2 ako..pero, cge na gud uie…pero kung dli ka..cge, ok lang! pero, cge na lang gud uie..hehehe!!!

  5. Jopal man nka una ani sa una. c akiss ata toh iya na biktima. hehe

  6. Nice one…you have been tricked me in that thing… Buti nalang di ko sinulat true full name ko…hahhhhahahhaha…

    You are certified fraudulent!!!

    You have a nice blog post…online game buddy…keep it up!…

  7. hehe. you did get a hint from the comments here. care to exchange links?

  8. ” 7. Mr. 9 Says:
    March 11, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    hehe. you did get a hint from the comments here. care to exchange links?

    Are you referring to me? 😉 …That would seems to be a problem to me either…I haven’t read those comments…just tried if what it takes…and truly a big failure…I’ve been a victim…toinkz!

    exchange links?…okay…I put your site in my Blogroll…(magkababayan naman tayo…Happy Araw ng Davao)


  9. I added u on my blog roll sakura. tnx

  10. true love’s first kisss…..

  11. ..hehehe.. true love waits… God has prepare something special for us… so im just keep on waiting for mine… impact, im still 18 years old… hehehehe…

  12. love is blind we cannot find true love bcause many man had other relationships with the other girls

  13. its nice to find true love but not lolokuhin lang ang mga girls hi can u pls add me up at friendster

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