Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Only)

Hi Guys. We PC users are very familiar with Office 2007 but didn’t you know that there is Microsoft Office 2008 exclusive for MAC only?

For your information guys, Microsoft didn’t create products just like Productivity Suites (Office) to their own OS (Operating System), but also develops their own version of Office to their mortal rival, the Apple MAC. You read it right, Mac.

I first read about this software last January when I was surfing the net. And because I’m not a Mac user, I didn’t know that Microsoft also incorporates their office suite to Apple which confused me because Apple is a rival of Microsoft. Why would they want to build products against their competitor? Apple is also taking it to their advantage, tempting the PC users to switch to apple because their OS also supports Microsoft Office.

I searched the net for answers and here’s what I’ve found:


  • Microsoft gets the money. And is also fully responsible for the program. In was an excellent business decision. Because of Office:Mac microsoft now gets money from not only thier pc users but also from the people using Mac’s.And because Microsoft Word is almost an industy standard MS has a iron grip on the king of text editors.
  • It is a legal dodge, mainly.
    Microsoft owns a lot of Apple stock now, and by by having Office available for the Apple, they can claim that they are not leveraging the Windows OS to support their software empire.


Based from their testimonies, I remembered that Microsoft has also a huge part of Apple’s stock. That is the secret of Microsoft’s success with their Office 2008. Since 1989, they were releasing versions of office for Mac.


New Mac First, Mac Only Features:

Office 2008 for Mac has new features that aren’t included in Microsoft Office 2007 namely:

Publishing Layout View lets users create incredibly layout-rich documents such as newsletters, fliers and brochures by uncovering desktop publishing layout tools and providing text box entry.

Ledger Sheets enable anyone to use Excel to handle common financial management tasks. Home and small-business users can balance checkbooks, track accounts or manage investment portfolios more easily than ever.

My Day allows users to track priorities and stay on top of daily activities no matter what application they’re currently working in. My Day is a stand-alone application that doesn’t take up much screen space, offers at-a-glance schedule and task viewing without launching Entourage, and lets users color-code everything for visualizing daily priorities.


Office 2008 also runs natively on both PowerPC- and Intel-based machines. Its user interface and usability is better compared to its Windows counterpart. Office 2008 is also compatible with 2007, enabling users to cross platform with ease.

All in all, I’ve found that there’s nothing wrong with Microsoft creating products to Apple. That’s their marketing strategy. That’s where their expertise lies.


10 Responses to “Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac (Only)”

  1. aw..hahah grabe gyud keith oie MAC nasad..

  2. yah right, we are used to Msoft’s. . but I think It is also good to use and explore other than this. the good thing is we would have more options
    right???. . many options is good for the users. . .

    M’softs products is the most common. . . now we are getting a load of the “open source” LINUX and I’m looking forward to that!

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