It’s Summertime Again!

Weee. After all the hard work me and my classmates shared, we finally finished our school year successfully. I’m proud to say that we survived! You name it: projects, defense, paperworks, even speech choir, we endured it. My body is tired and now I can fully rest and spend vacation to neighboring place. I’ll also spend part of my summer reading books and studying our future lessons so that when time comes, it wouldn’t be as hard as it should. So, I wish you luck and enjoy your summer.


10 Responses to “It’s Summertime Again!”

  1. I already added you. I’ll work on your request. 😀

  2. Char! Study jud ug sayo????? Dah, tuo man ka ana..panglingaw lingaw oi..ehheeheeh…

  3. is just right to reward ourselves f..lingaw2 na!

  4. aw,, as in study jd?wajejjej..

  5. bitaw! paglingaw sa…mao gani naay vacation para you have a break to yourself sa imong studies and attached those kapoy na projects, defense etc…I came through all that and to tell you, maski naga-himo me ug system sa ako mga ka-berks…dala laag2x japon….magtanaw pa ug movie(DVD) while working with the projects…ana ra gud…tuon2x dala lingaw2x…hehehhehe.. bad influence ang dating noh?…for sure naga-game pud ka as a liesure…atik pa jud ai. counter strike pa epek!… 😉

  6. mrag pan..jejej pki add sa ko new blog kit

  7. @ sakura:

    dota man amo ginadula, dili na counter-strike

    @ byrlleworkz:


  8. Mr. 9- mao pud…super upgrade napud day ka sa imo ginadula.. 🙂

    ipadayon lang na para lingaw… toinkz!

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