My Blog Resurrected

Whoa! First of all, I would like to thank Mark (a wordpress administrator) for reviving my blog again. If it wasn’t for him, this blog would cease to exist. Ok. I made my mistake and it will not happen again. Hehe. Last two months or so, I wasn’t aware that posting paid links on wordpress blog (except for those who have their own domain) is prohibited. Damn I didn’t read their Terms of Service Policy. But it’s all fine now. I will be posting updates on this blog next week so be sure to view this blog periodically. Ironically, this blog has a PR 3 even if it is banned two months ago. Thanks to all my friends for their support and I really appreciate that they didn’t delete my blog on their blogroll even if this blog is temporarily banned. Till next time.


11 Responses to “My Blog Resurrected”

  1. congratz mr nine! You are very lucky you had yours back, my case was way too worse because somebody hacked on it and deleted it!
    Wowo, still has PR3? nice….

  2. yup. still p3 3 🙂

  3. Hello,


    I’m Kevin Paquet from Pinoy Teens Online
    Care to link exchange with that blog of mine?^^,)

    Hope you would comment back and that I can know you guys hosted on better.
    Looking forward for a mutual blogging friendship^^,)

    pinoy teens org CEO

    ps: you may also add my ym: i.believe_`11

  4. added the link allready

  5. hi link me and i will link you (^_^) mr. 9

  6. hi! Visiting your blog from ice, care for xlinks? hit me back please and let me know. I from davao but i’m here working sa manila, i just wanted to make friends to all davao bloggers.

  7. hi!!! done adding your page… pls check… regards ko kay duterte diha… hehehehe

  8. i have already linked you up (^_^) at Nice Cool Links scroll down to Mr. Nine

  9. saws





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