My new ISP – Globelines

I’ve switched to a new ISP lately because I was disappointed by my old Smart Bro ISP. It keeps disconnecting from the internet and has a very slow connection. I am a loyal subscriber of Smart Bro for a year and decided immediately to disconnect from the service because of the said latter.

I went to the Smart Wireless Center, paid my last bill and requested a permanent disconnection. After that, I went to Globe Center to apply for a 1mbps internet connection for 995 a month. The agent was fast and friendly. She said that they will survey my location if it is reachable within their service. The following day, they informed me that our house was ok for installation. So I paid my bill and the following day again, I began to enjoy their service. As advertised, my Globelines has a stable rate of 1mbps connection and can reach up to 2.5mbps on certain conditions. See image bellow. Now, I can download and browse Youtube simultaneously without having to wait for the buffer to load.

Stable Rate

Burst Rate

Additional Proof (Screenshot)


4 Responses to “My new ISP – Globelines”

  1. mistsui Says:

    Magkano naman binayag sa iyo ng Globe para purihin sila ikaw lang ata gumagawa gawa nyan yung speed test na ginamit mo gamit mo ata e PLDT Broadband. Dito sa amin Davao City, Mintal napakabagal ng connection kung meron at putol putol madalas minsan 5 araw walang connection ganon ba ang sinasabi mong Globe services? Pasenya na nagsasabi lang nang totoo walang personalan di ako galit sa iyo sa Globe Services ako galit.

  2. I feel your pain. Kung titingnan mo sa date ng post ko, July 30, 2008 pa po, meaning nearly a year old na po ang post na to. Parehong pareho tayo ng problema, nag ddc max is 10x a day, ang bagal ng kanyang streaming lalo na pag sa youtube, jamlegend or any other streaming sites at minsan rin wala talagang connection. Yung review nato napakaluma na at noon kasi excited talaga ako kasi meron na akong 1mbps na connection after suffering from smart broken. Eh ngayon nagsusuffer parin pero at least mas malakas na yung downloads ko averaging 100+kbps either torrent or direct. Wala tayong magagawa kahit nag punta na ako sa service center nila, ala paring nangyari. hope this helps

  3. in davao i think globe is a number 1 internet connection, mabilis at garantisado, pero may mga disadvantage rin minsan nag oofline at matagal pa bumabalik ang conection diba?

  4. The ideal speed of it is up to 2 MBPS. It’s faster compared to the Canopy Smart Bro. However, the speed of it varies in areas. You can enjoy the speed of up to 2MBPS only if you are in areas where 3G is available. But if you are in areas where there is no 3G then you’ll suffer the worst internet connection and you’ll be spending too much specially that the Smart Bro system will charge you PhP10 for a second to 30 minutes of straight internet use.

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