Join WordCamp Philippines 2008!

WordCamp Philippines 2008

WordCamp Philippines 2008

Are you a Filipino blogger, developer, or web page and graphics designer  who want to learn more about the benefits of using WordPress? Then don’t miss this opportunity to join the WordCamp 2008 here in the Philippines; the first and only in Southeast Asia!

One of the objectives of WordCamp Philippines is to encourage more developers to use and deploy WordPress, not only as a blogging engine but also as a full-featured content management system for Web sites. Another is to increase the number of WordPress users and developers in the country. By developers, we mean programmers of WordPress plugins and designers of themes & templates.

This event will be held on September 6, 2008 at the Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater, College of Saint Benilde in Manila. Another mini event will also be held on September 4, 2008 at Bryan’s Grill & Café 91 Narra St., Palm Village, Davao City.

I would like to thank the Mindanao Bloggers for supporting this event and it’s sponsors:

So what are you waiting for? Join the WordCamp Philippines 2008 and be a part of this extraordinary event!


17 Responses to “Join WordCamp Philippines 2008!”

  1. hey!
    thanks for visiting my blog!
    open pa ba for registration? sana makasali ako jan 😀

    i’ve added you to my link na 😀

  2. tnx 4 adding. open pa po ang registration. click mo lang ung link sa post ko.

  3. hello mr. 9. thanks for dropping by my blog. i already added you to my blogroll. check it out na lang.

  4. @kikamz.
    tnx 4 d add. added u too

  5. yeah attend tayo nito (^_^)

  6. Hi there. Thanks for this blog post. See you at WordCamp Davao!

    – WordCamp Organizing Team

  7. I wasn’t able to register on this event kasi nga nag close na yung registration online..huhu pwede pa po bang dun na lang mismo sa venue mag register? 🙂

  8. thank you 4 commenting dess. Unfortunately, close na po ang registration sa wordcamp. di na rin pwede mag register sa venue kasi limited at counted po ang guests na darating doon. I allready linked you up. Salamat po

  9. I was there (^_^) sayang I didn’t saw you that time

  10. hello mr.9. kindly update my link URL for the blog Just About Anything to pasencya na sa hassle. salamat!

  11. yah good blog keith . .. as your project manager add my blogs waheheh joke lang

  12. put captch keith, or your blog would have over a thousand spams. .

  13. Hi blog hopping, happy new year!

  14. hello Mr. 9 Belated Happy New Year!

  15. gung héi fáat choi! Salamat kau sa pag-agiagi!

  16. Kiong Hee Huat Chai!!!

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