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Jamlegend – The Online Guitar Hero style game

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Jamlegend is a web based online Guitar Hero/Audition/O2Jam  style game which means that you can play this on most browsers including Firefox,IE,safari,opera,etc. No need to download!. It is absolutely free and has a multiplayer functionality where you can showdown with friends in real time. There is also another multiplayer feature in which you can give a duel to a friend and when he/she accepted it, he will try to beat your score over it. They have many tracks available and mostly are rock genres.

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Addicted to Dota

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Dota Game

I’m a Dota fanatic player. Me and my classmates often go to “Jimberz 2” (Local Internet Cafe) to play. We would usually laugh about the mistakes our fellow players committed and sometimes say about “trash talk” (Cursing the opposing player) in the heat of the battle. We play about a maximum of 3 hours per day and ended up eating “chicken proben” outside the cafe. Yummy!

You can download the DotA Allstars v6.49c AI Plus 1.52 Revision 7 here courtesy of BuffMePlz.

If you want a cheated 6.49c map, visit this forum.